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Steps to Forming an LLC in Hawaii with MaxFilings

We have done our very best to make forming your Hawaii LLC with MaxFilings as quick and easy as possible. You can follow a few steps in our order system to enter the necessary information and place your order in minutes. Or, if you prefer, you can save information as it is entered and come back later to enter more.

Following is the information you’ll be asked to provide:

Indicate the entity (LLC) you wish to form.

At this step, after indicating Hawaii as the state in which you want to form your LLC, you will be shown our 3 Packages with a description of each product or service available and our straightforward, upfront pricing that makes it easy for you to see exactly what everything will cost. All applicable state fees are included in our prices so you won’t encounter any “hidden” surprises later on.

You can see our Packages and fees here.

Here, you will enter your first choice for the name of your LLC as well as a second choice to be used in case your first choice is not available. You will also need to provide a brief description of the kind of business your LLC will be conducting.

Contact information includes a name, address, telephone, and email for yourself and your LLC. A physical address is also needed in case materials related to your order need to be shipped to you.

Names and addresses of the LLC members are entered here.

Indicate whether your LLC will be member managed or manager managed and, if the latter, enter the name(s) and address of the manager(s).

Here you can choose to have MaxFilings provide registered agent service or, if not, you should enter the name and address of your registered agent.

There is space for you to enter any additional information or special instructions regarding your order.

Additional services that may be applicable can be added in this step.

The final step is to confirm your order summary and enter payment information (we accept most major credit cards). Until you decide to place an order with MaxFilings, there is no charge to use the system to organize your LLC information.

Good to Know…    

  • When you Order, you will first be asked if you want to create a username. (You can do so at any time but doing so immediately insures that all information you have entered and saved will be there when you return.)
  • You will then begin MaxFilings Easy Steps to setting up your LLC. You will be able to click on any step at any time to enter the information required. (Each step will show a check mark after all required information has been entered for that step. We think you will find that to be a big help.)

And remember, at no time are you obligated to use MaxFilings. You pay only if and when you decide you are ready to have us form your LLC.

Start forming your LLC now

Thank you very much for clarifying this. I appreciate your honesty and rest assure I know where to come for in the future regarding legal filings. Once again thank you very much - you have definitely earned my respect. - Taimur Baig, T&Z International Inc., Illinois

FAQ About MaxFilings

Wondering what happens after you submit your incorporation order to us? Have questions about using MaxFilings to incorporate your business or form an LLC? Here you'll see basic questions about our system that can help make your experience smooth and hassle-free. FAQ About MaxFilings

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